Modul’He, Leak Testing

Modul’He Leak Testing System

The Modul’He equipment is a flexible gas leak testing control system with helium tracer. It is the result of more than 25 years of experience gained within dynamic technology sectors.

This Modul’He leak testing equipment, in excellent condition, is recommended for all leak testing applications requiring reliable results. It can be upgraded and equipped with a vacuum chamber or it can be used in sniffing mode only. Depending on its size, the chamber can be be moved or placed on the Modul’He directly.

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Modul’He Leak Testing System main features

  • Operating panel: touchscreen monitor 10’’
  • Detector: ASI 20 MD
  • Calibrated leak: 1.4 10-7 mbar.l.s-1
  • Pumping: 25 m3/h
  • Pressurization: 40B magnetic valves
  • Pressure measurement: 0-30B

Information on the Modul’He Leak Testing System

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  • 3-month guarantee
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