ASM Graph Leak Detector

ASM Graph (142 serie): Leak Detector by Helium spectrometry

The ASM Graph is a compact leak detector by Helium spectrometry, powerful and easy-to-use.

It includes a rotary vane pump, a turbomolecular pump, the bi-filament analysis valve and a touch-screen control on the unit.

The ASM Graph leak detector provides all the benefits and reliability of the ASM 142 with a unique comfort and ease of operation. With its dynamic touch-screen, it can, among other things, check the cycle & the test curves, and modify the parameters even faster than the standard 142 version.





Helium Spectrometry Leak Detector main features

Leak Rate Detection Empty Mode : 5·10-11 mbar.l.s-1
Sniffing Mode : 1·10-7 mbar.l.s-1
Primary Pumping Adixen 2010 (10 m3 /h)
Detection Mass Spectrometer
Turbo : AMP 007I
Dimensions / Weight (in mm) 510 x 428 x 343
56 kg