580 Classic PFEIFFER Evaporator

580 Classic PFEIFFER Evaporator

This 580 Classic PFEIFFER second-hand frame is an Evaporator including the following equipment:

  • a chamber cooled by water circulation
  • two Joule sources
  • a TELEMARK 4 15-cc electron gun, a 376 indexer, a 4-figure scanning module and a TELEMARK TT-10 power supply (10kW)
  • a rotating dome with three 120° removable sectors
  • a MAXTEK RSH 600 central quartz head
  • a MAXTEK MDC 360 thickness controller
  • a PFEIFFER DUO65 primary pump
  • two PFEIFFER TPH 2201 SP secondary pumps
  • two MFC gas lines.

On the other hand, this Classic 580 frame is equipped with a surface preparation system before deposition by effluvage and automatic control



Information on the 580 Classic PFEIFFER Evaporator

  • Material in very good condition
  • 3-month guarantee
  • Available