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Analyse spectrométrique {PNG}RGA (Resisual gas analysis) is the art of quantifying gases and vapours found within vacuum chambers and any process performing under vacuum.

This analysis is done by measuring the partial pressures of species that are critical to the vacuum quality and to the proper operation of the processes. It is amongst others essential to understand the interaction between these species and the growth of thin films. This is also used to highlight gases coming from vacuum pumps and degassing from the wall of the chambers.

We can implement RGA analyser such as Pfeiffer PrismaPlus™ QMG 220 and Inficon Transpector.

Based on our deep knowledge of drying and degassing under vacuum and our know-how of vacuum technology implementation, we deliver to our customers quality turnkey residual gas analysing systems.

Good to know! (Alliance Concept) For our systems for drying ang degassing without RGA, consult the dedicated section Drying and degassing Follow this link for more information (Alliance Concept)

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