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HM1000 - Brand new helium concentration measurer (Alliance Concept) {JPEG}The HM100 is a brand new helium concentration analyser, designed and manufactured in France, by Alliance Concept. Compact and ready-to-use, it can quickly and efficiently measure the helium concentration within a helium/nitrogen or helium/dry air binary gas mixture.

The target end-users are mainly those using helium leak testing machines with additional facilities used to decrease dramatically the overall annual expense in helium gas, helium being an expensive gas, which delivery can sometimes be limited.

The HM100 is the ultimate quality assurance tool for any helium leak testing machine equipped with :

  • A helium recovery station used to recycle helium at the end of each test cycle to re-compress it and work in close loop (money saving by recovery),
  • A gas mixer used to mix helium with dry air or nitrogen in order to decrease overall helium consumption (money saving by dilution).

Good to know! (Alliance Concept) [grisAC]Did you know ? Alliance Concept also designs and builds state-of-the-art custom-made helium recovery stations for any production throughput ![/grisAC]

The helium concentration directly impacts the test sensitivity and hence the reference reject level that needs to be set. In this matter, it is crucial to efficiently monitor the concentration using a reliable gas analyser to ensure that this concentration is the one that is expected !

[rougeAC]Principle of measurement[/rougeAC]

With the HM100, the helium concentration of the recovered helium or the helium gas mixture is quantified using catharometer technology. The principle of measurement is based on the monitoring of the electrical current going through a first filament which is blown by the gas mixture to be analysed. This current is compared to the one going through a second filament which is encapsulated in a neutral gas hence stable. The current of the first filament varies with the helium concentration as it is sensitive to the thermal conductivity of the gas. The thermal conductivity is different for a gas with 10% helium than an other one with 50% helium.

The HM100 will make it possible to stop on time the test machine if the recovered helium concentration is lower than normal or if the gas mixture if not correct. This way, you’ll avoid any quality issues due to wrong helium concentration !

[rougeAC]Main characteristics[/rougeAC]

Measurement range : 0-100% d’hélium
Repeatability : > 99%
Accuracy : +/- 1% (full scale)
Measurement channels : 2 (independent, 1 channel for the flow to measure + 1 for verification flow using calibrated mixture)
Programmable thresholds : Yes, one high and one low level for each channel
Autonomous : Yes (using the bright touch-screen)
Remote control : Yes, using sub-d
Dimensions : 19 inches rack, 3U
Weight : 12 kg
Temperature of use : 0-40°C
Power supply : 220V 50Hz
Gaz supply : 5 bar maximum
Options :
  • Helium calibrated bottle (ex. 10% helium 90% nitrogen)
  • Light and buttons box to simulate and verify remote controlling
  • Connection cable to connect the HM100 to a remote PLC/machine
  • Bi-annual and annual calibration service
  • Standard exchange

Good to know! (Alliance Concept) [grisAC]Download the HM100 brochure.
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