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Cold plasma can be used for surface functionalisation, surface cleaning or surface activation, or a combination of these effects.

JPEGAdhesion is a key point of surface treatments. The use of plasma processing is particularly suitable for plastics, as they are made out of long chains of interconnecting C-C bond.

Free radicals are formed on the surface as a result of the plasma treatment breaking covalent bonds between entities, offering exclusive sites promoting adhesion of thin films, adhesives or paints.

The range of applications is virtually unlimited :

- Decorative Thin Film Deposition on fountain pen nibs (Alliance Concept) {JPEG}Medical : plasma cleaning of medical plastics, stainless-steel syringes, implants, stents, catheter cables
- Automotive: plasma cleaning of plastics, improved wettability prior to painting, adhesion of electronic connectors
- Electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor: plasma cleaning and activation of printed circuit boards (PCB)
- Textiles and fabrics : promote hydrophilic (or hydrophobic) surfaces, enhance bonding of fibers
- And more : nibs of fountain pens, optic cavities...

With regards to the specifications of your application, Alliance Concept offers solutions ranging from integration within a production line to stand-alone equipments.

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