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The Modul’He is a modular leak testing system predicated on helium spectrometry technology. It results from a constructive know-how developed over more than 25 years alongside with all the most dynamic technological industries.

The hallmark of the Modul’He system is reliability, cost-effectiveness and moreover, a great flexibility. It has been developed to match the very needs of each and every industries such as Automotive, Energy, Aviation industry, Medical, Electronics, Air conditioning and Industrial refrigeration.

Modul'He : choose amongst dozens of possible configuration {PNG}A Modul’He consists in :

  • A standardised test bench adaptable to your needs,
  • An elaborated and ergonomic design that receives pressurisation, pumping, detection and HMI functions. The vacuum chamber can be either placed on the Modul’He main frame or on a dedicated frame,
  • A support to the evolution of your production. Indeed, it can be quickly adapted to new parts or increasing production flow !
  • An unique technology developed with care for you.

    Good to know! (Alliance Concept) [grisAC]For more information, download our information flyer (PDF file) :
    MODUL’HE : modular helium leak testing system Follow this link for more information (Alliance Concept) [/grisAC]

    Several possible test methods :

  • Global test : in a vacuum chamber, the part is charged with pressurised helium,
  • Localisation test : the part is charged with pressurised helium, leaks are then localised using a dedicated sniffing probe connected to the leak detector,
  • Local or global helium spray : the part is connected to the leak detector and sprayed with pressurised helium using an helium spray gun (local) or in chamber (global).

Building on excellent feedback, we developed the Modul’He into several possible configurations. Hence we can offer you the solution which best matches your needs :

  • One or several workstations,
  • Manual system,
  • Semi-automated process,
  • Fully automated test bench interfaced with conveyor(s),
  • Suitable for small and large parts,
  • High test throughput,
  • OPTIONS : helium recovery station, mixed gas system, helium concentration measurement...

Some of our recent builts :

Modul'He monoposte {JPEG}

Compact single workstation
One part at a time / Global test

Single workstation
Three parts simultaneously / Global test


Twin workstations
Concurrent-time tasking / Global test

Dual workstations
Two product ranges / Global helium spray


Single workstation
Vacuum chamber on a dedicated frame / Global test

Single workstation
Vacuum chamber on a dedicated frame / Global test

We’ve developed many more possible configurations : contact us ! Follow this link for more information (Alliance Concept)

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