Manufacturer of PVD Thin Film Deposition systems (Alliance Concept)

Initially restricted to cutting edge fields and industries manufacturing high value-added goods, thin film deposition is now open to each and every sectors dealing with decoration. So why this revolution ?

Wet process coatings are ever more regulated due to the use of recognised hazardous chemicals, harmful to the Environment and operators. These measures are particularly heavy concerning the treatment of effluents.

Decorative Thin Film Deposition on fountain pen nibs (Alliance Concept) {JPEG}This is exactly where PVD technologies step in. Thin film deposition, whether by evaporation or sputtering, is a clean technology.

For this reason, many companies call upon the services of Alliance Concept to build up systems providing both high quality treatments and great productivity, matching the needs generated by the mainstream market.

Decorative Thin Film Deposition on watch parts such as dials (Alliance Concept) {PNG}On metallic, plastic or glass surfaces : the results are always up to the strictest expectancies.

Our equipments can be used to manufacture : watch parts, jewelry, decorative mirrors, cosmetics, reflectors for lighting, etc.

This "r"-evolution will intensify in the coming years and will tend to become a key technology in every industries having links with decoration.

Good to know! (Alliance Concept) [grisAC]For this field of application, we recommend the following system :
DECORA760 Follow this link for more information (Alliance Concept) [/grisAC]

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