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PFEIFFER Classic 580 system

This second-hand PFEIFFER Classic 580 vacuum system includes the following sub-assemblies :
- a water cooled vacuum chamber,
- two thermal sources,
- a TELEMARK 4x15-cc electron beam source, a 376 indexer, a sweeper module with 4 figures and a TELEMARK TT-10 power supply (10kW),
- a rotary dome with three 120° removable areas,
- a MAXTEK RSH 600 multi quartz head,
- a MAXTEK MDC 360 film deposition controller,
- a PFEIFFER DUO65 primary pump,
- two PFEIFFER TPH 2201 SP secondary pumps,
- two MFC gas line.

On the other hand, this Classic 580 system includes glow discharge before coating. The system is fully automatic.

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Condition Good
Warranty 3 months
Available Yes

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