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EVA760, Vacuum evaporation System for quality thin film deposition (Alliance Concept) {JPEG}Thanks to its large volume, the EVA760 system can be set up using a wide range of complex configurations.
This configurable equipment as well as all the others products of the range, can handle a large number of substrates per run.

Its generously sized pumping system ensures a high throughput.

Combined optical and mechanical (quartz) thickness measurement, ion assisted deposition (IAD), co-evaporation, partial pressures regulation through RGA, glow discharge... are some of the great features that can be integrated into your system.

  • Main features
Vacuum chamber diameter : 760 mm
Height : 920 mm + Raising chamber
Volume : 520 litres +
Ultimate vacuum (cryogenic configuration) : 5.10-8 mbar[1]
System throughput : 10 x 6’’ on single wafer configuration
18 x 6’’ on planetary holder configuration
Uniformity : 2%[1]
Through the wall installation : Yes
Fully automatic system controller : - External process management
- Traceability
PDF - 554 kb
The E-beam evaporator brochure
PDF - 6.5 Mb
The EVA760 brochure

[1] These values have been measured on equipments we have delivered and should be handled as information only. The features of a system depend on its final configuration.


The vacuum evaporation chamber of the EVA760 has been designed to (...) Up to 18 6 inches substrates in planetary configuration!
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