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DP850 : production tool for PVD thin film deposition (Alliance Concept) {JPEG}
DP850 system is oriented towards production tasks. With a source configuration with up to 6 x 200 mm magnetron cathodes, it enables the manufacturing of complex multilayers in automatic mode.

The load lock optimizes time cycle and quality of the deposited films.

As a matter of fact, we have also made a few of these DP850 systems with their 850 mm vacuum chamber diameter for research applications that require a source configuration with more than 10 x 2’’ cathodes.

  • Main features
Vacuum chamber diameter : 850 mm
Height : 320 mm
Volume : About 190 litres
Ultimate vacuum (turbomolecular configuration) : 5.10-7 mbar[1]
Ultimate vacuum (cryogenic configuration) : 5.10-8 mbar[1]
System throughput : Up to 6 active 100 mm positions
Uniformity : < +/- 5%[1]
Load lock : Yes, manual or automatic transfer arm
Through the wall installation : Yes
Fully automatic system controller : - External process management
- Traceability
PDF - 2.5 Mb
The DP850 brochure

[1] Those values have been measured on equipments we have already delivered and should be handled as information only. The features of a system depend on its final configuration.


DP850: load lock (Alliance Concept) DP850: vacuum chamber with cassette (Alliance Concept)
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