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CT200: through-the-wall configuration for cleanroom installation (Alliance Concept) {JPEG}Ultimate system for the synthesis of thin films, our CT200 is one of the most advance clustertool on the amrket. It is the result of over 25 years of experience and expert know-how.

This type of machines has been so far successfully addressed to Customers working in the field of Microelectronics, Watchmaking, Research and Photovoltaics.

Versatile and upgradable equipment, the heart of the tool is a central transfer chamber equipped with an automated vacuum robot with Z-axis. This chamber is the link between each process module connected through SEMI valve.

The central module can be connected to a wide range of process module, isolated from each other to avoid any particulate contamination :
CT200: vacuum robot, one of our finest development (Alliance Concept) {JPEG}
  • Load lock introduction (SEMI or dedicated cassette),
  • Dry etching system (RIE),
  • Planar deposition chamber,
  • Convergent-deposition chamber,
  • E-beam gun module (up configuration system),
  • Etc.

In up configuration, it is possible to work with vacuum evaporation modules with eletron beam, for example.

Summed up in two words :

  • Performances,
  • Ergonomics,
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Main features
Load lock chamber : SEMI 200 mm cassette or special cassette
Transfer chamber : 4 (square) ou 6 (hexagonal) ports
Glove box interface : Yes, with sliding door
Ultimate vacuum (turbomolecular configuration) : 5.10-7 mbar[1]
Ultimate vacuum (cryogenic configuration) : 5.10-8 mbar[1]
Through the wall implantation : Yes
Fully automatic system controller : - External process management
- Process editor
- Traceability
PDF - 2.6 Mb
The CT200 brochure

[1] Those values have been measured on equipments we have already delivered and should be handled as information only. The features of a system depend on its final configuration.


CT200 by Alliance Concept CT200 by Alliance Concept
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